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Virtual Production Publications

Virtual Production Field Guide by Epic Games

In 2009, members from the ASC, ADG, PGA, ICG, and VES formed the Virtual Production Committee. The committee shared case studies about film and television projects leveraging virtual production and produced many of its initial definitions.

This field guide builds on the committee’s work along with recent advances in real-time computer graphics, which are making virtual production even more accessible to filmmakers today.

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The New Art of Virtual Moviemaking by Autodesk

New digital technologies are providing filmmakers and their production teams with real-time, interactive environments and breakthrough workflows, transforming the way they plan and create movies. Using the latest 3D software, gaming and motion capture technology, they can explore, define, plan and communicate their creative ideas in new, more intuitive, visual ways helping them reduce risk, eliminate confusion and address production unknowns much earlier in the filmmaking process.

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The Future of Content Creation: Virtual Production (Deloitte)

Pressure is building in the industry as traditional and disruptive content creators compete for not only customers, but also production, visual effects, and postproduction talent and resources. As the COVID-19 global pandemic introduces further complications, virtual production capabilities may become a competitive advantage for content creators.

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