Rules and Procedures

New for this year, we modified the online format of the Rules & Procedures (R&Ps) so that you can quickly find and access all the information you need to make a submission in any category on the same page. Short summaries are available on each category page, along with "Click for details" button which will open up the full instructions for that section. All details can be found on the Category page you are interested in.

We have a new category this year! We have split Commercials from the former Category 11, which previously included Episodes and Real-Time Programs as well. Now Category 11 is Outstanding Animated Performance in an Episode or Real-Time Project, while Category 12 is Outstanding Animated Performance in a Commercial.

We have also removed the need to submit printed copies of supplemental written material.  However, we still encourage entrants to submit optional PDFs of written supplemental material for posting to the View & Vote site.

We have added a new Statement of Intent to the Student Award Category that seeks to clarify who is eligible to enter the Student Award.

And finally, the date of the 15th Annual VES Awards show is February 7, 2017! We hope to see you there.


Each category below will take you to a description of the page, with all the instructions needed in the "details" sections.


Read through the entire Rules and Procedures for your Category, and click the link “Submit An Entry” on the Category page or here: Submit An Entry


Just a couple of reminders:

  • Any project containing visual effects which fits the category definitions, that premiered anywhere in the world in 2016, is eligible
  • The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 11:59PM PST
  • You must upload your viewing materials and optional supplemental written material between November 7 and November 30, 2016
  • If your project premieres after the November 30 deadline, you must complete a Submission Form, pay the entry fee by the deadline, and submit a Petition stating the facts concerning the delayed release date. If the Petition is granted, viewing materials must then be submitted at the earliest practicable date, but in no event later than December 22, 2016 except for projects with a release or air date later than December 15
  • Unavailability of personnel to prepare submission materials in time to meet the entry deadline is not a valid reason to be granted a deadline extension 
  • The Awards Committee does not give advice prior to vetting on which category an entry should be submitted in. When it is unclear which category a submission is properly eligible for, use your best judgment based on category definitions and submit entries accordingly.  If, during vetting, the Awards Committee determines that the entry is in the wrong category, the Committee will discuss the matter with you and give you the options of 1). Revising it to better fit the category, 2). Moving the entry to a more suitable category, or 3). Withdrawing the entry.
  • It is the policy of the VES Awards that Special (Practical) Effects Coordinators/Supervisors be recognized for their work when the special effects contributed significantly to the overall visual impact of a production.  Accordingly, the Special Effects Coordinator must be named in all but two General Categories when the contributions of the special effects are a prominent part of the project. Therefore a fifth nominee spot is set aside exclusively for the Special Effects Coordinator/Supervisor. Should one not be entered, this spot will remain vacant.


Questions about these Awards should be directed to

Technical questions about submitting should be directed to

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Sohonet Support

Sohonet provides a 24/7 support operation for all aspects of the electronic submission process:

For general inquiries and non-urgent problems, send an email to The subject line should begin with VES. Please provide a contact phone number and time zone/hours when you will be available.

For urgent issues on uploading, please call one of the following 24/7 support lines, making clear that you are calling about the VES electronic submission process

Please have your submission number available when calling.

  • USA: +1 310 449 8610
  • UK: +44 (0) 207 292 6909
  • Australia: +61 1800 77 5280