Real-Time Projects, for the purposes of these Awards, are defined as projects that are generated through a CG rendering engine at the same time the audience experiences them. Pre-rendered projects, such as “cinematics”, are not eligible - all projects must be demonstrably interactive at the time of the real-time render. However, projects played back to audiences after a real-time render is captured are eligible.

Elements may be CG, photographically captured, or both, but photographic elements must be projected on to CG surfaces within the project to qualify. For instance, a spherical camera one experiences through VR goggles is not eligible, but a VR project created in a game engine with camera elements projected inside a sphere would be.

One way to demonstrate the real-time nature of the Project is by including an fps frame rate counter in the Before & Afters. The frame rate should not drop below a point that detracts from the presentation. If the real-time nature of the submission is called into question, the submitter must be able to prove the real-time nature of the rendering by demonstrating interactivity of the scene live to the VES Awards Committee.

Real-Time Projects must have been released for the first time to the general public within the calendar year of the Awards. Demonstration and pre-release products are not-eligible for an Award.

The following project types fall under this heading:

  • Video Game: an interactive entertainment that is controllable by a player and rendered in a game engine on the fly, and not pre-rendered and played back full screen. All rendering of the scene shall happen at the time of playback on the player’s computer, console or other device.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Project: a real-time project that is experienced through an individualized viewing device. For the purposes of these Awards, interactivity is required beyond simply moving the POV of the user.
  • Stage Productions: a live, theatrical production with a real-time CG element. Pre-rendered, pre-staged “holograms” are not eligible, but live motion-captured CG characters which are rendered before an audience are.
  • Other Projects: This section includes projects that are created with real-time engines but delivered rendered. Video Game commercials rendered with a standard game engine are eligible here, as long as no additional post-processing other than color is done. Similarly, animated entertainment like Machinima is eligible as long as it meets the same standards and is not created for demonstration purposes. If the Committee questions whether a Project is Real-Time, the entrant must be prepared to demonstrate the real-time rendering by interacting with the project.
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