An Episode is a catch-all term for these Awards which means any project that was produced specifically to be delivered to viewers via over-the-air, pay or basic cable, satellite transmission, or streamed over the Internet. Generally, only a single episode of a series may be submitted in any category, except:

  • Multiple episodes from the same series or mini-series will only be allowed only if the submitted teams, including the overall VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer, are entirely different.
  • A two-hour special episode of a series may enter, provided that it aired in one continuous broadcast time slot with one main title at the beginning and one set of end credits at the end of the program. A two-part episode that airs on different nights or with separate end credits at the end of each part may only show work from one part for consideration.

A series or mini-series may not enter different episodes in both a VFX-driven and Supporting VFX category, nor may so-called “invisible FX” from an effects-driven series be entered in the Supporting VFX category even if the VFX teams are 100% different.

Episodes must have been available for broadcast at least once, or for sale, streaming, or download to the general public for at least one week. Programs that consist of repurposed material, or are alternate “Special Edition” cuts of a program that was also broadcast or shown in theaters, are not eligible.

Unless otherwise noted in the specific category description, the following project types fall under this heading:

  • Series: Multiple episodes (minimum three, except for series canceled before completing three episodes) in which theme, story line and main characters are presented under the same title and have continuity of production supervision. Visual effects produced solely for a main title sequence are not eligible, nor are clip shows, year-enders, “best-ofs” and anniversary specials that repurpose material that aired previously.
  • Movie: A non-episodic program created specifically for broadcast on television, pay/basic cable, or satellite channel or streaming on the Internet.
  • Miniseries: A limited-run program of at least two episodes, but less than the current standard series season, which may be a serialized drama or anthology program with stories based on a particular theme. For the purposes of these Awards, only a single episode may be submitted for consideration. Submissions combining episodes are not allowed.
  • Specials: A one-time piece of entertainment programming, not including commercials, which is promoted and advertised as a “Special” but not a “Special Presentation” of an ongoing series.
  • Pilots: Considered to be regular episodic programs for the purposes of these awards.
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