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helps people and organizations make their dreams come true. With OVER 30 years in the world of visual effects, she has done career guidance, teaching, placement, marketing, publicity, and education. During that time she has served as Director of Marketing for LOOK Effects; spent 12 years helping to build Gnomon School of Visual Effects into the premiere educational institution for careers in high-end computer graphics for entertainment and advising, teaching and placing hundreds of aspiring digital artists. Current and previous teaching includes the Art Directors Guild,, Gnomon, Digital Media Institute, Otis College of Art and Design, and the American Film Institute. Pam has been extremely active in the Visual Effects Society, including serving seven terms on the Board of Directors, twice being elected as the first female Vice Chair and Chair of the Education Committee. Pam holds a MEd in Vocational Counseling from Kent State University and a BS from Springfield College in Fine Art and Psychology. 

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