Cinematographer / Director

Wally Pfister began his career as a television news cameraman in Washington, DC covering Capitol Hill, the White House and local news. He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980's while working as a camera operator for Robert Altman to further a career in feature filmmaking. After attending AFI's Cinematography program, he quickly moved forward and became one of the top camera operators in Hollywood. Pfister's ascent as a Director of Photography began when he shot Christopher Nolan's "Memento" in 1999. That work earned him a Spirit award nomination for Cinematography. Since then, he has joined the ranks of the top Hollywood Cinematographers, earning 3 academy award nominations for his work. The first came for 2005’s “Batman Begins,” The following year, he was Oscar-nominated for his cinematography work on “The
Prestige,” and in 2009, for Christopher Nolan’s

Select Filmography:
The Hi-Line 1999
Memento 2000
Insomnia 2001
Laurel Canyon 2002
The Italian Job 2003
Batman Begins 2005 *Nominated for Academy Award
The Prestige 2006 *Nominated for Academy Award
The Dark Knight 2008 *Nominated for Academy Award
Inception 2010

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