Founder and CEO of Limitless Ltd.

Tom Sanocki is the CEO of Limitless Ltd, a new VR startup that enables content developers to create interactive VR characters that respond to voice, gestures, gaze and more.  The technology is being targeted to film and game developers initially, as well as other vertical markets including education, advertising and travel. Previously Tom spent 11 years as a Character Lead at Pixar, where he built characters & technology on films from Finding Nemo through Good Dinosaur, filed 5 patents, and won a VES award for Mater in Cars. Tom also spent 3 1/2 years as a Character & Cinematics Tech Art Lead at Bungie, shipping Destiny (biggest new game IP launch in history). He has published and presented at SIGGRAPH and GDC, and graduated with a Computer Science Engineering degree from Princeton University.

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