Director of Image Platform Workflow, Dolby Laboratories

Thad is the Director of Image Platform Workflow at Dolby Laboratories.  He is helping create high dynamic range and wide color gamut movies with breathtaking quality; both by helping create tools and working closely with creatives to use these tools to get the most out of this new paradigm. 


He started his career in ’78, hired by Ed Catmull at NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, doing research and early production in CG.  He went on to work at Pacific Data Images, starting his own company Hammerhead Productions, and then at Digital Domain.  From 1995 to 2014 he led the technical and artistic VFX effort in fifty Hollywood films.  Thad has been at Dolby now for almost four years, using that artistic and technical experience every day to help Dolby drive this new visual experience.

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