Senior Vice President / COO, Visual Effects Worldwide for Prime Focus Group, and Senior Executive Producer for North America

A native of Nederland, Texas.  From family of six children.  Father deceased; welder and eventually a manager of oil pipe line facility.  Mother living; retired homemaker, sales and teaching assistant.

Graduated B.A. Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.  Theater major.  Graduate work at the Dallas Theater Center.

Early production experience in commercial production and a sales marketing program designed to provide TV commercial production kits to client’s local dealers and distributors.

Moved to Los Angeles in 1976, working the next ten years primarily with Robert Guenette Productions, a TV production company specializing in after school specials, MOW’s, network specials and documentaries that became the early versions of “reality television”.  Producer and Production Executive credits with Guenette include:
“Indiana Jones: Heroes and Sidekicks”, “SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back”, “Revenge of the Jedi: Classic Creatures”.

Left Guenette to work with Doug Trumball at Showscan Company, a special process medium applied mainly to special venue outlets.  Was a part of the producing team on three shorts for Showscan, working with legendary film directors Ronald Neame, Richard Fleischer and cinematographer Jack Cardiff.

Moved from Showscan to its VFX facility, The Chandler Group in 1989, worked there for six years, becoming its Executive Producer.  Credits at Chandler include:  “The Shadow”, Batman Returns”, “Cabin Boy”, Batman Forever”,  “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid”, Nightmare on Elm Street VI”, Muppet Vision 3-D” and numerous commercials and trailer projects.

Moved into VFX at that auspicious moment when work was going digital and effects were becoming larger and bigger parts of feature budgets.  Left Chandler to take on VFX Producer job on “Independence Day” which won the 1997 Academy Award for Outstanding VFX.

In addition to various participations in “Volcano”, “Devil’s Advocate” and “Nutty Professor II”, VFX Producer credits since ID4 are Roland Emmerich’s “Godzilla”, Henry Sellick’s “Monkeybone”, the Wachowski Brothers’ “Matrix Reloaded’, “Matrix Revolution”, and Oliver Stone’s “Alexander”.

Joined the Sony ImageWorks team as Senior VFX Producer for Sam Rami’s “Spiderman III”.   Just completed a year as Executive Producer for Digital Domain.

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