Co-Owner, Legacy Effects / VFX Supervisor

Within mere months of Legacy Effects opening their doors, Shane was recognized for his work on 2008’s Iron Man by receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects. Crediting his work to the artists who worked under him at SWS, the nomination was a true testament to the level of professional artistry that’s now housed in
Legacy’s San Fernando based studio.


Shane moved to California during the effects boom of the early 1980’s. Shortly after school, he began working at various effects studios around Hollywood, eventually landing on the steps of Stan Winston Studio.
Shane’s first film for SWS was James Cameron’s classic The Terminator, where he served as Key Sculptor. Thus began his relationships with some of Hollywood’s A-list filmmakers, as he devoted his talents to the long list of projects he created, coordinated, or supervised effects for, including such classics as Aliens, Predator, Edward Scissorhands, Jurassic Park, and Big Fish.


In 2001, Shane’s diverse talents and skills earned him the title of Co-Producer on HBO’s Creature Features, where he not only designed and coordinated the effects, but also lent his experience and vast knowledge of classic horror films to produce and enhance the series. Having worked with Stan Winston for over two decades, it seemed fitting that Shane, along with John Rosengrant, Lindsay Macgowan and Alan Scott, would carry the torch of practical/makeup effects to lead them into the next generation of filmmaking by founding Legacy Effects in 2008. With inherent aptitude, Shane pursues each project with a commitment to artistic excellence and enthusiasm unrivaled in the industry. Having wrapped up work on Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, Shane and Legacy were immediately involved in another epic adventure for Marvel, Thor, from director Kenneth Branagh. Concurrently, he’s back in the saddle with Jon Favreau for Dreamworks’ Cowboys and Aliens, set for release in summer of 2011

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