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CEO Cloudpic
A startup looking at capturing the creativities of the next generation of talents in the new world of digital content creation and multi-channel deliveries.

Co-founder PDI (PDI/DreamWorks)
Co-founder of PDI over 30 years ago, Richard pioneered the studio’s proprietary animation system, which received an Academy Technical Achievement Award in 1998.  Chuang’s expertise is in computer animation and visual effects for both animated and live action films.   His credits range from directing commercials to winning an Emmy Award for graphics design.  He has 16 live action film credits as visual effects supervisor.
Besides the feature length animated film at PDI/DW, Richard also planned and guided the CG production for DreamWorks first all computer animated primetime TV show.  He was the executive responsible for developing production capacity worldwide for DreamWorks Animation including multi-national productions in Asia and Europe.

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