Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor, CEO of Uncharted Territory, LLC

Currently co-producer and VFX supervisor on Roland Emmerich’s “2012” for Sony/Columbia Pictures.

Marc is the CEO of production company Uncharted Territory, LLC, founded in 1999 with business partner Volker Engel (academy award winner for visual effects on “Independence Day”). Uncharted Territory produced the feature film “Coronado” in 2001 and co-produced the mini-series “Dark Kingdom” for sci-fi channel and the mini-series “The Triangle” with Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin. Marc received an EMMY-award in 2006 for “The Triangle”.

In between producing feature and TV films, Uncharted Territory also provided visual effects services for “The day after tomorrow” (2004) and the “Intermedia”-title for “Terminator 3” (2003).

Weigert also served as visual effects producer and supervisor on a multitude of commercials and the ride film for Universal Studios Florida Harry PotterIsland of Adventure.

Before Uncharted Territory, Marc Weigert was CEO for visual effects company Dreamscape Imagery Inc. Opened in 1995, their credits include "Independence Day", "Muppets From Space", "Flubber", "The Drew Carey Show" and many European movies and series.

As the VFX Project Manager for "Independence Day", Weigert created “Digital Assistant for Visual Effects”, a project management software program to manage, schedule and track the shooting and post production of thousands of VFX elements. His software has subsequently been sold to several major studios, including 20th century fox, the Walt Disney company and Sony Pictures. It has been used on many feature films including "Stuart Little", "Alien: Resurrection", "Flubber", "Volcano", "Godzilla", "Wing Commander", "Monkeybone", and "X-Men", as well as on TV movies and series.

Weigert has lectured at seminars for the Producer’s Guild of America and European Digital Arts Media, and he conducted the Visual Effects Master Class "Action with Effects" for producers and directors sponsored by the European Film Academy. He has also taught visual effects classes at The Art Institute of Los Angeles and was speaker at the iHollywood Forum in Los Angeles.

Marc Weigert is a member of the Visual Effects Society and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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