Production Manager, Nokia Technologies

As a production manager at Nokia, Jill serves OZO, working with creators around the world of both live and offline productions, as well as the engineers who create OZO's hardware and software ecosystem. She's also serving as the technical consultant for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s forthcoming exhibition of stereoscopic history (early 2018).

Before Nokia, Jill worked at 3ality Technica, creating curriculum and educating scores of camera assistants, cinematographers, producers, technicians and creative content makers interested in the Tao of well-balanced, technically accurate and artistically compelling stereoscopic 3D. Her previous incarnations include: teaching at Otis School of Art and Design, producing education for a couple awesome visual effects companies, serving on the education, awards and Summit committees for the VES, and sitting on the VES board a long long time ago. She has also chaired multiple venues at SIGGRAPH, including the Computer Animation Festival, (where the content was projected at LA Live), and which included a program of stereoscopic content way back in 2008.

Jill's work continues to take her around the world, where she's become pretty adept at teaching complicated concepts to people who speak lots of different languages.

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