Founder and Visual Effects Producer, The Creative-Cartel

With over 30 years experience in the visual effects and animation industry, Jenny Fulle is a leader when it comes to producing and providing high quality visual effects and production management to filmmakers and studios. Her exceptional relationships with visual effects and animation companies along with individual artists both domestic and International are unparalleled and enable her to build creative teams for any size production.

With this knowledge and experience, Fulle recently founded The Creative-Cartel, Inc., a Los Angeles based Production Company specializing in the assembly of teams tailored specifically for the visual effects and animation needs of individual productions. Under her guidance, the company is currently overseeing production of the visual effects and 3D conversion of Screen Gem’s film Priest. Produced by Michael DeLuca and Josh Donen, Priest is Screen Gems largest film to date and has over 750 visual effects shots. Fulle’s company is overseeing all 10 facilities working on this project.

Before forming The Creative-Cartel, Fulle worked as Executive Vice President of Production/Executive Producer for Sony Pictures Imageworks. Fulle spent 11 years overseeing and managing day to day production as well as strategic planning and Business Development for Imageworks, which during her tenure, went from a company of 300 to over 1200 employees. Additionally, Fulle oversaw the set up of a pipeline that would successfully manage both animated and live action visual effects films within one facility – a first in the industry. Under Fulle’s leadership, Imageworks began exploring the Indian market of visual effects and animation. The result was Imageworks India; a partnership between FrameFlow, India and Sony. She served on the board of that joint venture until she left the company.

While at Imageworks, Fulle managed digital production on Sony Pictures Animation’s, Academy Award® nominated film Surf’s Up, Academy Award® nominated The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, Academy Award® winning Spider-Man 2, Academy Award® and BAFTA nominated Spider-Man, as well as Imageworks’ first animated short film and Oscar® winner for Best Animated Short Film in 2002, The Chubb-Chubbs. Some of Fulle’s other Imageworks credits include Open Season, Charlie’s Angels, Bad Boys 2, The Martrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, I Am Legend, Stuart Little, The Aviator, Hancock and Ghost Rider.

Before joining Sony Pictures Imageworks, Fulle was visual effects producer at DreamWorks SKG on Gore Verbinski’s first feature film Mousehunt. She also worked as a visual effects production executive for Disney’s feature department.

Fulle has also served as head of production for Warner Digital Studio where she produced the visual effects for the feature film Eraser, a visual effects producer at Digital Domain on the feature film Apollo 13, and a visual effects producer on the feature film True Lies for Boss Film Studio.
Fulle first produced visual effects in 1992, on the feature film Batman Returns, while working at 4Ward Productions. Before producing visual effects, Fulle worked at Dream Quest Images on the film Total Recall.

Fulle began her career in visual effects at age 18 as a janitor for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic. She rose through the ranks of entry-level positions, eventually
becoming visual effects production assistant on Star Trek; The Voyage Home. While working and learning visual effects at ILM, Fulle worked on many projects, including the Academy Award® winning and nominated films Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Innerspace, Back to the Future III and Ghost.

Fulle was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County. Her earliest national accomplishment was at age 11 when, after a lengthy court battle with N.O.W. and the A.C.L.U. by her side, she won the right for girls to play Little League baseball and was the first girl in the United States to actually play. She led her league in homeruns that year.

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