Cinematographer / Director

James Chressanthis, ASC, a member of the American Society of Cinematographers is a director and cinematographer who has earned a diverse range of nearly 40 credits since the early 1990s, including feature films, documentaries, television movies and episodic series. He shot the Emmy®-nominated Four Minutes and Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows and additional photography on the Oscar®-winning Chicago. Chressanthis met Kovacs and Zsigmond during the dawn of his career as a student of Kovacs at the American Film Institute. He subsequently interned with Zsigmond during the production of The Witches of Eastwick in 1987. Chressanthis began producing the documentary in 2007, while a director and cinematographer of the popular CBS dramatic series Ghost Whisperer. The documentary coincided with the 50th anniversary of Kovacs and Zsigmond arriving in the United States as political refugees. NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY is the feature film-directing debut of James Chressanthis. This is his third Emmy® nomination.

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