Jacqui Barcos is a DGA award-winning filmmaker whose credits span the film, television and animation industries.  As screenwriter and producer, Barcos recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised over 40K for the pilot of “Central Park Tale,” an animated feature that will be directed by Daniel Jeannette (“Happy Feet”) and produced in Paris at Mikros Image’s new animation studio. Later this year, Barcos will serve as a writer/director on “Subterranea,” a stylized action film executive produced by Doug Liman and produced by Brightlight/Lighthouse Pictures in Canada.  Recently, Barcos sold a TV pitch to GKTV, Graham King’s new television production company.  She is currently in development on two new TV dramas for the International market: “Amazons” and “The Activity.”  A USC film school graduate, Barcos is repped by Magnet Management and serves on the Board of the Alliance of Women Directors.

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