Producer, President of the Producers Guild of America

Hawk Koch is a veteran movie producer who currently serves as the President of the Producers Guild of America with Mark Gordon. The PGA membership represents 5800 of the top Film, Television, and New Media Producers in the entertainment industry. Hawk recently termed out as President of the Motion Picture Academy, the film industry's most prestigious body. In his capacity as president of the Academy, Koch led a large non-profit organization with 300 employees and 6,000 members drawn from the top ranks of the film community. The Academy's best known activity is the presentation of the annual Academy Awards. In addition to the Oscars, the Academy administers numerous educational and charitable initiatives and serves as a champion for movies and filmmaking worldwide.

"In the years that I've been associated with the Academy, no president has been as bold and foresighted as Hawk Koch. One after another, his achievements were incredible. In the shortest time possible, he made the biggest impact."
~Harvey Weinstein

Koch's tenure at the Academy was distinguished by a sharpened focus on both member engagement and the future of filmmaking. Koch committed the Academy to a process of enlightened change that ensured the institution would continue to lead the film industry from the front rather than respond belatedly to tectonic shifts in the entertainment business. At a time of very rapid technological, creative, and economic transition, the Academy continues to set artistic standards which reflect the current state-of-the-art. Director Michael Mann (The Insider, Heat, Miami Vice) who is a Governor of the Academy, said of Koch that he "has finally brought the Academy into the 21st Century."

The 85th Academy Awards, which took place on February 24th, 2013 and were overseen by Koch, showed significant increases in both total viewers and elusive younger and male viewers from previous years. Of the 85th Oscars, Academy Award winning director James L. Brooks (Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, As Good As It Gets) said, "Thanks to Hawk, the Oscars are alive again."

As President of the Producers Guild with Mark Gordon, Koch and Gordon led the fight to preserve the producer's credit, which had been diluted, for real, working producers. With their leadership, Koch & Gordon have done the impossible. Recently, all six major studios have signed on to implement the Producers Mark certification, "p.g.a" which indicates who did the majority of the producing work on a film while also establishing an authentic seal of approval.

Koch also serves on the boards of the Motion Picture and Television Fund and the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Starting as a production assistant in 1965 and working his way all the way to the top, Hawk has been intimately involved with the making of over 60 major motion pictures,


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