Executive Producer, CBS Digital

George has a passion for art and science.  He is executive producer at CBS Digital

the visual effects team responsible for movies and television series.   He and his colleagues develop disruptive tools for production and custom content for the Oculus Rift.  George previously served as Vice President of creative content

at Disney/Pixar Studios and V.P. of Special Ops at 20th Century Fox Film Studios. 

He built strategic marketing plans for all media platforms and produced original animation for the movies:  Ratatouille, Walle, Toy Story 3, Tangled, Ice Age 2, Alice in Wonderland, Cars 2, Tron, Xmen 3 and Reel Steel.  In 2005 he sold an original sci-fi thriller screenplay titled “The Savior” to The Weinstein Company.   Prior to executive work George spent 14 years as a director of music videos, commercials, movie trailers and episodic television.  His first big break was in the mid 80’s at the advent of MTV as creative director in the newly formed video division at Capitol Records.  His first college summer job was imaging technician at Jet Propulsion Lab/NASA.  

If not busy with work and family he enjoys novel writing, Kitesurfing, investing and

is an avid Astrophotographer.  George attended Pepperdine University, Brooks Institute of Photography and the University of Southern California.


Guild Memberships

Writers Guild of America

Producers Guild of America

Visual Effects Society


Twitter  @AstroBloom

Websites  www.cbsdvfx.com


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