Executive VP Post Production, 20th Century Fox

1995- present Executive Vice President of Post Production, Twentieth Century Fox.

At Twentieth Century Fox in the mid 90s initiated film preservation with the films Diary Of Anne Frank and The Power and The Glory. The Power and The Glory was Preston Sturges debut as a screenplay writer. Twentieth Century Fox has since established a film preservation program and department.

1993  Saved the lost Orson Welles movie, It’s All True.  Produced a short of It’s 
All True revealing the truth behind the myth and legend of Welles’ Hollywood downfall.  The short was accepted at all major film festivals and premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.

1987-1995 Vice President of Theatrical Post Production, Paramount Pictures Corp.

At Paramount Pictures initiated film preservation.  Also, initiated a new printing technique to convert Vista Vision negatives to standard negatives for Home Video release. Restored to its original length, the 1927 silent movie, Wings.  Restored Sergio Leone’s 1968 movie, Once Upon A Time In The West, to its original director’s version.  Under tenure at Paramount more than 300 vista vision and standard shot movies were preserved including Shane, Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17 and White Christmas.

1980-1985 Worked with Orson Welles on the films, The Dreamers, The Other Side of the Wind, and The Trial. These are all films directed by Orson Welles and are considered unseen cinema. Worked in the preservation of his films in his post archives.

Awards In 1967 was among the first seven fellowship members of the American Film Institute.

Produced and directed "The Lottery" which won the 1970 New York Film Festival for Best Short.                               

In 1972, Produced and directed a theatrical short, "Black Mass", which won first prize at the Washington, D.C. National Education Association Film Festival.

In 1973, wrote, directed and produced a short on Robert Louis Stevenson for NAT (National Public Broadcasting) called “Seas of Cheerful Courage”.

Was awarded the National Endowment for the Humanities grant for feature screenplay writing of "The Newburgh Conspiracy" in 1974.

Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Writers Guild of America

He is an accomplished poet and has been published 15 times since 2007

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