Senior Software Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Frank is currently one of the engineers driving NASA's Curiosity rover across the surface of Mars, having also driven the Opportunity Mars rover for eight years.  Frank was selected for this prestigious position based on his work developing the Robot Sequence and Visualization Program, the visualization software that is used to plan and simulate the robotic command sequences which control the rovers while driving and deploying their robotic arms.  This software uses multiple three dimensional rendering techniques to provide the rover drivers with an immersive sense of presence and allows for excellent situational awareness while commanding the rovers.

Frank has been at JPL for twenty years working on a variety of visualization, animation, and real-time graphics projects including animations for the IMAX film "L-5 First City in Space."  Frank received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in sculpture from the Philadelphia College of Art prior to moving to California and a Master of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering from Stanford University while employed at JPL.

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