Eve M. Cohen is a cinematographer whose work ranges from independent feature films to television series, documentaries, and most recently cinematic virtual reality.  She entered into the world of filmmaking through fine art—specifically painting and photography—and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and an masters degree in cinematography, both from UCLA.  Eve was the first cinematographer to use the Canon C300MKii with PL mount lenses in December 2015 on her most recent feature film “Be Somebody” (dir. Joshua Caldwell), which was released by Paramount in June 2016.  She has also filmed a variety of projects for VICE, CNN and ESPN, as well as A+E, MTV, Sundance, Lifetime, History and more.  Her most well known Cinematic Virtual Reality project “The Visitor” (dir. James Kaelan) is still appearing at select film festivals around the world.  Eve was the director of photography of the truly independent film “Like The Water” (dir. Caroline von Kuhn) which was the catalyst for the creation of crowdfunding and distribution platform Seed&Spark.  Eve is a co-founder at Seed&Spark where they believe the art of storytelling is about expanding imagination, shining a light on a world inside and deepening empathy for the world outside.

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