NASA/JPL Astronomer and Evolutionary Computation Designer

Dr. Rich Terrile is an astronomer and the director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He uses techniques based on biological evolution and development to advance the fields of robotics and computer intelligence.  He has a Ph.D. in Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology and has developed missions to Mars and to the outer solar system.  Dr. Terrile is the discoverer of four moons around Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and took the first pictures of another solar system around the nearby star Beta Pictoris.  His other interests include planetary rings, planetary geology, evolutionary computation and the development of medical instrumentation for tissue identification during neurosurgery.

Dr. Terrile is a private pilot, a SCUBA and ski instructor, a rock climber and caver, and was an astronaut candidate.  He has interests in fiction writing, photography, cinematography and movies, and works as a technical advisor on several major motion pictures, including work with Academy Award winning directors James Cameron and Steven Soderbergh.  Dr. Terrile was featured in several science shows and has been a regular performer at the Ice House and the Comedy Store in the "Improv Inferno" improvisation group.

Terrile Science and Technical Consulting (;  Dr. Rich Terrile offers science and technical consulting services for motion picture, movies, television, corporate and financial customers.  A summary of his consulting work and customers is listed below:

Terrile Science and Technical Consulting Customers:

Motion Pictures:

Technical Advisor  2010:  The Year We Made Contact
    Peter Hymas – Director
Status – Released 1984

Technical Advisor, Actor Solar Crisis
    Richard Sarafian – Director
    Japan America Picture Company
    Status – Released 1990

Technical Advisor  Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines
    David Mostaw – Director
    C-2 Pictures
    Status – Released 2003

Technical Advisor  Solaris
    Stephen Soderberg – Director
    Twentieth Centrury Fox/Lightstorm Entertainment
    Status – Released 2002

Technical Advisor  The Core
John Amiel – Director
Paramount Pictures
Status – Released 2003

Technical Advisor  When Worlds Collide
    Stephen Sommers – Director
    Stephen Spielberg – Producer
    Dreamworks SKG/Paramount Pictures
    Status – Preproduction

Technical Advisor  Bright Angel Falling
    James Cameron – Writer, Producer
    Lightstorm Entertainment
    Status – Preproduction

Technical Advisor  Journey to the Center of the Earth
    Kathleen Kennedy – Producer
    Status – Preproduction

Script Advisor   Sinbad
    John Singelton – Director
    Tedi Sarafian - Writer
    Columbia Pictures
    Status - Development

Script Advisor   Creature From the Black Lagoon
    Gary Ross– Director
    Tedi Sarafian - Writer
    Universal Pictures
    Status - Development

Technical Advisor  Rendezvous with Rama
    Lori McCready - Producer
    Revelations Entertainment
    Status - Preproduction


Science Advisor  Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
    Discovery Science Channel
    Revelations Entertainment
    Morgan Freeman, Lori McCready – Producers
    Status – Released 2010

Appearance   Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
    “Is There A Creator?”
    Discovery Science Channel
    Revelations Entertainment
    Morgan Freeman, Lori McCready – Producers
    Status – Released 2010

Writer    Though Spots
ClickStar Entertainment
    Morgan Freeman, Lori McCready - Producers
    Status – Released 2006

Appearance   Destination Mars
    Michael Lennick – Director, Producer
    Foolish Earthling Productions
    Status - Released 2007

Appearance   Universe 2001 - Beyond the Millennium:  Planets
    Pioneer Productions
    Discovery Network
    Status – Released 1999

Appearance   The Astronomers – Prospecting for Planets
    PBS – KCET Los Angeles
    Status – Released 1991

Host    Neptune All Night
    PBS – KCET Los Angeles
    Status - Released 1989

Technical Advisor  Pioneer
    Jon and Josh Pate – Writers
    Imagine Entertainment
    Status – Development

Numerous Appearances 49 Worlds and Counting
    Newton’s Apple - Voyager
    Kid’s View – Science Show
Discovery Channel
    PBS - WGBS Nova
    BBC Television
    NHK Television
    KABC-TV Los Angeles
    Status – Released 1990 - 2007


Technical Consultant  Activision
    Development of intellectual property

Technical Consultant  Fortune 500 Corporations (subject to non-disclosure)
Discretionary work using stochastic optimization techniques to improve corporate operations.


Intellectual Property   Uhlmann Financial Group
Consultant   Mathematical and technical consulting for the
development of new mortgage instruments.

Speaker years: