President, Fringe Talent

Debra Blanchard Knight, Conduit Seminars/Fringe Talent. For over 25 years, Debra Blanchard Knight has built teams for animation, visual effects and themed entertainment studios and projects. During that time, Debra has helped thousands of artists and production professionals build their careers. Besides co-founding Conduit Seminars, Debra runs her own highly-successful recruiting agency, Fringe Talent. Her in-house recruiting experience was gained at Blue Sky Studios, IDT/Starz Animation, DreamWorks Animation and ILM. Debra began her career at Warner Bros. TV, working in production on Steven Speilbergs’ “Tiny Toon Adventures” where she also wrote several episodes. During all her years doing recruiting, Debra has been involved in outreach to colleges and universities, helping guide them in producing students who will succeed in the digital entertainment industries. She is also a frequent and knowledgeable guest speaker at conferences, industry events, colleges and universities, here and abroad, where she shares her insight and experience with the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment production industries. She is an active member of TEA, the Visual Effects Society and ASIFA.  She holds a BA in theater arts from Cal State Fullerton.

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