Deborah is currently producing, along with Robbie Brenner, THE MACHINE GUN PREACHER, starring Gerard Butler, with Marc Forster directing. It will have it’s world premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. She sold the life rights to the Rev. Sam Childers story and oversaw the publishing of his book, ANOTHER MAN'S WAR, about Sam’s life and present work in Sudan. Sam is a former biker gang member, courageously rescuing orphaned children, some of them child soldiers, from the war-torn rebel territory of Sudan. Relativity Media is distributing the film for a September 23, 2011 release date. 


She is currently in active development with Virgin Produced on THE READING PROMISE, NY Times bestselling book about the true story of the heartfelt journey of Alice Ozma and her Dad’s to reach to each other for over 3000 days-8 yrs- and ended when Alice started College. Deborah also is producing SOPHIE TUCKER with Sony Pictures Animation about the true story of an australian shepherd dog who went overboard off coast of Australia and rescued 5 months later after being found on a deserted island. She is also developing 90 CHURCH, with Lorenzo DiBonaventura Pictures based on the true story of a rookie agent who was part of an enigmatic special ops agency formed to stop the war on drugs “at any cost” in the early years of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics before the DEA was formed. And she’s in active development on THE TIGER RISING, based on award-winning author, Kate DiCamillo (BECAUSE OR WINN DIXIE, TALE OF DESPERAUX). 


Over the last 22 years Deborah has been in the entertainment business at the forefront of the emerging high-end visual effects and animation industry. She began building film business for Pacific Data Images which went on to become Dreamworks Animation. She then went to work with James Cameron’s company, Digital Domain and billed millions of dollars in revenue up through the release of TITANIC. 


Deborah is now going on her 10th year managing film business for Sony Pictures Imageworks one of the leading visual effects and animation companies in the world. She’s been involved with, among others, such major motion pictures as the SPIDERMAN franchise, I AM LEGEND, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, GREEN LANTERN, and the upcoming OZ. 


Deborah also founded LA LOVES which is a non-profit that aids and supports artists in channelling their talents toward humanitarian efforts in and around the world..

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