Founder/ President, Electric Entertainment

Devlin is Founder and President of Electric Entertainment and has forged a storied career as a wildly successful screenwriter, producer and director.  His first produced screenplay was Universal Soldier, which was a worldwide hit.  He reached prominence as a writer/producer working with Roland Emmerich with whom he teamed after appearing in Emmerich’s film Moon 44.  Together they co-wrote and produced Stargate, which became the first movie to have its own website (run by Devlin himself).  Devlin co-produced (with Emmerich) sci-fi blockbusters Independence Day and Godzilla, followed by The Patriot.  Devlin also produced films including Cellular, Who Killed the Electric Car? and Flyboys.  A true multi-hyphenate, he has served as writer, producer and director for the hit TV shows Leverage and The Librarians..  He is the director, as well as writer/producer of the forthcoming action sci-fi film Geostorm starring Gerard Butler and is in development with Emmerich on the hotly anticipated sequel to Independence Day  - Independence Day: Resurgence. 

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Jevon Phillips
Writer, Los Angeles Times

Jevon Phillips started at Variety in 1998, helping create the publication’s website. Once there, he also started a blog called Bags and Boards to cover genre news for the Comic-Con crowd. Moving to the Los Angeles Times in 2004, he is now working as a producer on the website’s Entertainment section, helping maintain and enhance online content. He also writes stories on topics ranging from comic books to hip-hop dance to TV fairy tales. One of his passions is the Times’ Hero Complex site, where he posts news and features on genre shows and movies. 

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