Sr VFX Supervisor, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Method Studios

Dan Glass joined Method in 2010 as Senior Creative Director overseeing both feature and commercial projects. Glass, who most recently served as Senior VFX Supervisor on Terrence Malick’s Palme D’Or Winner The Tree of Life, has a long list of film credits as Lead or Senior VFX Supervisor that includes Batman Begins, Speed Racer and V for Vendetta, as well as both Matrix sequels.

After completing a degree in architecture at University College London, Glass began his career at the Computer Film Company in London, where he literally learned from the ground up, starting first as a runner and projectionist, and then working as a CG artist, programmer and compositor.

Throughout his career, Glass has established relationships with esteemed directors across multiple disciplines and picked up numerous awards, the most recent of which was a VES award for Outstanding Visual Effects for the epic commercial Halo Reach: Deliver Hope. Currently based in Los Angeles, Glass continues his quest to drive future growth at Method and CIS and establish the most creative, efficient and technically advanced visual effects group in the world.

With locations in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, London, and Sydney, Method and CIS are leading post production facilities providing a full range of visual effects services to high-end feature film, television, commercial and gaming clients in the global marketplace. As artist-driven companies, both Method and CIS are built around an exceptional team of award winning VFX professionals providing conceptual design, look development, on-set supervision, 3D animation/CGI, matte painting, plus compositing and finishing. Recent features credits include Salt, The Green Hornet, The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Red, while commercial campaigns include Bridgestone 'Carma', Halo Reach 'Deliver Hope' and Jameson 'Fire'.

Dan Glass Feature Film Credits
The Tree of Life (sr visual effects supervisor, 2011)
Ninja Assassin (visual effects supervisor, 2009)
Speed Racer (visual effects supervisor, 2008)
V for Vendetta (visual effects supervisor, 2005)
Batman Begins (visual effects supervisor, 2005)
The Matrix Revolutions (visual effects supervisor, 2003)
Enter the Matrix (visual effects supervisor, 2003)
The Matrix Reloaded (visual effects supervisor, 2003)
Thir13en Ghosts (visual effects supervisor, 2001)
Bless the Child (compositing supervisor, 2000)
Mission: Impossible II (compositing supervisor, 2000)
The Beach (digital effects designer, 2000/2001)
Sleepy Hollow (visual effects designer, 1999)
The Bone Collector (CG animator, 1999)
The Debt Collector (digital effects supervisor, 1999)
Notting Hill (digital visual effects designer, 1999)
Alice in Wonderland (TV) (visual effects designer, 1999)
In Dreams (visual effects designer, 1999)
The Avengers (visual effects lead animator, 1998)
Snake Eyes (visual effects designer, 1998)
Spice World (visual effects designer, 1997)
Tomorrow Never Dies (visual effects designer, 1997)
Photographing Fairies (visual effects designer, 1997)
Event Horizon (visual effects designer, 1997)
The Saint (visual effects, 1997)
Hamlet (visual effects designer, 1996)
The English Patient (visual effects compositor, 1996)
Mission: Impossible (visual effects designer, 1996)
Muppet Treasure Island (visual effects designer, 1996)
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (visual effects compositor, 1995)
French Kiss (visual effects operator, 1995)

Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial for Halo Reach: Deliver Hope (2011)
Satellite award for Best Visual Effects for V for Vendetta (2005)
BAFTA nomination for Visual Effects for Batman Begins (2006)
Saturn Awards nomination for Visual Effects in Batman Begins (2006)
Visual Effects Society award for Best Single Visual Effect Shot for Matrix Reloaded Tractor Trailer Crash (2004)
Australian Effects and Animation Festival award for Best Visual Effects in a Feature Film for Matrix Reloaded (2005)
Prix Ars Electronica award for Distinction for Visual Effects for Guinness “Surfer” (1999)
D&AD Gold award for Outstanding Visual Effects for Guinness “Surfer” (1999)
“Best Advert Ever,” voted by readers of the UK’s Guardian for Guinness “Surfer” (1999)

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