Industry Relations / Business Development, AbelCine

In a career spanning almost fifty years Andy Romanoff has worked as a cameraman, equipment designer, inventor and businessman.  Currently he is responsible for Business Development and Industry Relations at AbelCine, the NY and LA based sales, service, rental and training company.  Prior to Abel he served as Executive Vice President, Technical Marketing and Strategy, for Panavision Inc. where he was a key contributor to new product design and introduction.

Andy holds several patents related to efficient camera use in filmmaking. He invented Adjustable Automatic Backpan Compensation, used daily on film sets everywhere, which reduces the number of rehearsals and retakes. Another invention is the fourth axis head, a unique device which permits the camera to see “right” and “left” when pointed straight down.

Andy has written about film and video technology for publications in the U.S. and England, and has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews in such publications as American Cinematographer, ICG, Hollywood Reporter and Below the Line.

Andy is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers and a longtime member of the Society of Operating Cameramen. He was honored by them in 2008 with their Distinguished Service Award. He has served as the co-chairman of the PERA/ESTA industry-wide crane safety committee, drafting American National Standards (ANSI) for safe crane and remote head usage. Andy is a member of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, and currently serves on the Academy’s Scientific and Technical awards committee.

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