VFX Producer

Karin Joy is a freelance VFX Producer and Consultant. 

She is currently working as the VFX Producer for Crazy Alien, a film currently shooting in Qingdao, China.  Last year she was the VFX Producer on Okja, which shot mostly in Korea.  Prior to that she was the LA based Executive Producer for EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani, one of the top visual effects companies in Italy.  

Karin has served as the Production side VFX producer for Academy Award nominee I-Robot, VES Nominated Charlotte’s Web.  Other projects she has worked on are: X-Men, Species, Drop Zone, Waterworld, True Lies, Multiplicity, Air Force One, Armageddon, Thirteen Days, Rat Race, Windtalkers, Message in a Bottle, Michael Jackson’s This Is it, The Forbidden Kingdom, and Thunder Run, to name a few.

She has had the opportunity to work at some of the top facilities in the world, starting with Boss Film Studios, Cinesite, Station X, Rezn8, Complete Post, Dreamworks Animation, Entity FX, Digital Sandbox, and was Head of Production at Animal Logic in Sydney, Australia.

Karin is a member of the Visual Effects Society and the Producers Guild of America.  When not working, she is an avid tennis player, world traveler and admitted wine and food enthusiast.  Karin has enjoyed her many collaborations over the years and is always amazed and impressed with what her colleagues in the visual effects industry are able to accomplish.   

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