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  1. Deepwater Horizon Q&A Panel

    Saturday, September 24, 2016 Q&A/Panel Panelists include Director  Peter Berg , Special Effects Supervisors  Burt Dalton  and  Matt Kutcher  and Lead Post-Vis Artist at ILM  Keith Johnson  with moderation by VES...

    Nov 11, 2016(Video)
  2. VES YouTube Channel Video Submission Form

    VES Members can use this form to submit video recommendations for the VES YouTube Channel. Below are some qualifications for video submissions: The video submission must be Visual Effects related or be relevant to the craft or ...

    Jun 19, 2014(Webform)
  3. Digital Compositing for Film and Video

    ... Description:  Digital Compositing for Film and Video This practical, hands-on guide addresses the problems and difficult ...

    May 1, 2014(Books)
  4. The 10 Biggest, Best-Looking Video Games Of September 2014

    ... text:  The last couple weeks have been weird for the video game universe. #GamerGate has flooded Twitter and video game forums like NeoGaf and various sub-reddits. Gamers and the ...

    Sep 10, 2014(Industry news)
  5. Madden NFL 06 Football Video Game for Xbox 360

    ... Category:  Outstanding Real Time Visuals in a Video Game winner:  no nominees:  Mark Mongie ... Spoto Tommy Cinquegrano Dale Jackson entry video code:  123754774 entry thumb:  ...

    Apr 16, 2015(Awards)
  6. Bob Burns' Hollywood Halloween Video Trailer

    ... A classic 50s-style trailer for the two-hour video documentary by Lindsey Jackson and friends, which is available ...

    Apr 14, 2014(Video)
  7. 'Destiny' Crosses $500 Million On Day One, Biggest New Video Game Launch Ever

    ... into retail on day one, making it the best-selling new video game IP of all time according to publisher Activision Blizzard (ATVI.) ...

    Sep 10, 2014(Industry news)
  8. The First Official Video of the Millennium Falcon

    ... text:  Bad Robot just released the first official video of the Millennium Falcon. It's a nice detailed sweep under the ship, ...

    Sep 22, 2014(Industry news)
  9. 2015 VES Summit

    ... - W Hotel Hollywood, CA Video Gallery 2015 VES Summit Videos (6 videos) (Available to ... Moderator: Jon Karafin — Head of Light Field Video, Lytro COULD YOUR STORY IDEA BE AN ENTERTAINMENT PROPERTY? Bring ...

    May 23, 2017(Page)
  10. VES LA Section Pub Jam Video

    VES Pub-Jam PROMO-V2 from Steven M. Blasini on Vimeo .

    Aug 30, 2017(Group Post)