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  1. 3rd Annual VES Awards

    Award year:  2004 VES Lifetime Honoree and Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis , who has ... Tom Hanks & Robert Zemeckis- 3rd Annual VES Awards Tom Hanks presents the VES Lifetime Achievement Award to ...

    Feb 7, 2017(Award Year)
  2. 10th Annual VES Awards

    ... Rango dominated the 10th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards with four wins in animated feature categories — Visual Effects, ... in the TV categories. Stan Lee was honored with the VES Lifetime Achievement Award and visual effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull ...

    Feb 27, 2018(Award Year)
  3. 9th Annual VES Awards

    ... gala which honored Christopher Nolan with the inaugural VES Visionary Award and Ray Harryhausen with the Lifetime Achievement ... hosted by Patton Oswalt . Inception  took home awards in all four nominated categories as the night’s most honored project. ...

    Feb 27, 2018(Award Year)
  4. 2nd Annual VES Awards

    ... Welcome to the Second Annual Visual Effects Society Awards. We are pleased that you could join us to celebrate the visual effects ... George Lucas Receives VES Lifetime Achievement Award George Lucas receives the VES ...

    Feb 7, 2017(Award Year)
  5. VES Awards Policies Ownership and Clearances

    Previous VES Awards Section 14: OWNERSHIP & CLEARANCES All ...

    Feb 27, 2018(Page)
  6. 14th Annual VES Awards

    ... gathered at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate VFX talent in 23 awards categories.   Star Wars: The Force Awakens  was the big winner ... director-producer Sir Ridley Scott , recipient of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award.  Industry veteran Scott Ross presented the ...

    Feb 27, 2018(Award Year)
  7. 6th Annual VES Awards

    ... Video Gallery The 6th Annual VES Awards was televised on HD Net and features the best visual effects work of ...

    Jul 23, 2014(Page)
  8. 1st Annual VES Awards

    ... 2002 One Small Step for VES… Welcome to the 1st Annual VES Awards. This is a proud moment for all of us within the Society, but equally ...

    Feb 7, 2017(Award Year)
  9. 7th Annual VES Awards

    ... Video Gallery The 7th Annual VES Awards was televised on Starz and features the best visual effects work of ...

    Jul 23, 2014(Page)
  10. 4th Annual VES Awards

    Although this is the time of year when awards shows proliferate, tonight you’ll witness something that none of the ... for Pioneering & Artistic Excellence and Jim Morris with the VES Board of Directors Award, just remember, if you want to know who the best ...

    Jul 23, 2014(Page)