The Visual Effects Society (VES) and especially the section Germany congratulates the German Film Academy (Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.) and the Minister of State for Culture and Media Monika Grütters on the decision to award the German Film Award for outstanding individual performances in the new category Best Visual Effects and Animation for the first time in 2020.

The German Film Award (Deutscher Filmpreis) also known as “LOLA” is being awarded since 1951. From 2020 onwards the German Film Acadamy will recognize in 18 categories the creative and innovative work in the film industry ranging from feature films, documentaries, screenplay, acting, directing, design, sound and score all the way to outstanding contributions and viewers choice. The newly added category of Best Visual Effects and Animation sheds from next year on also a respectful light on the artistic work and skilled talents and professionals in the German VFX and Animation industry. 

The VES Germany is especially grateful to the two VFX section chairmen at the German Film Academy, Denis Behnke and Jan Burda, for their unwavering commitment and perseverance in promoting the support and recognition in the German film and television industry in areas such as production, directing, acting and many more. 

To see the work being recognized and those being awarded encourages talents and producers across the world to create amazing stories and answer to the increasingly demanding market in both full CG animation and high-quality visual effects. This will undoubtedly be beneficial for the media landscape and the culture in Germany and further help to evolve the industries ecosystem.

Thomas Knop, Chair VES Germany