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Other Virtual Production Webinars

CSC Live: Virtual Production

Discussion about Virtual Production and the different applications of these emerging technologies. From video walls with camera tracking to the use of systems like Unreal Engine to create incredible photo realistic, real time previz sequences, these panelists who are utilizing and developing these systems will share their experiences with VP and how it is poised to affect filmmaking in Canada.

VES Virtual Production Session (SIRT Centre)

Introduction to Virtual Production from SIRT focusing on the core technology used within In-Camera VFX. The session highlights large format displays (LED walls), tracking systems, real-time rendering in UE4 and approaches to content production within immersive environments.

VFX Pros: Home Edition – Inside the THE MIDNIGHT SKY

Watch the conversation on the visual effects that went into producing Netflix’s THE MIDNIGHT SKY.  Panelists will include Academy and BAFTA Award-winning Director, Producer and Actor George Clooney, Emmy nominated Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Kasmir as well as VES, Academy and BAFTA Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Chris Lawrence, moderated by VES Board member David Tanaka.

VFX Pros: Home Edition – Inside the THE MANDALORIAN

Interactive discussion on Lucasfilm’s groundbreaking Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN with two time VES Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Bluff, moderated by VES member and Epic Games Business Development Manager Miles Perkins.

Virtual Production Workflows & Insights (Remote Control)

Creator Matt Workman demos his virtual production studio! Host Buzz Hays of Google Cloud curates a panel of experts with the Producer’s Guild on how virtual production is being used today. Moderated by Jenni Ogden, the panel includes Christina Lee Storm of NETFLIX, John Canning with Digital Domain, and producer/cinematographer Kathryn Brillhart.

Workflows for Virtual Production with Remote Teams (Autodesk University)

How can film and TV production move forward in the age of social distancing? This talk will explore a case study of a workflow under development by a broad team of studio production executives and technology partners. We will describe new capabilities in virtual production tools and system architectures to perform as much work as possible remotely using game engines, cloud services, virtualization, live LED wall projections, live motion-capture sessions, large-scale volumetric location scanning, and workgroup platforms.

VFX Pros: Home Edition – Inside The VES Handbook of Visual Effects

Hailed as the most complete guide to visual effects techniques and best practices on the market today, it covers essential industry-standard techniques, technologies, and workflows in the fast-paced world of visual effects — from pre-production through production and post-production.  This dynamic conversation delved into some of the practices and procedures in the 3rd Edition, gleaned from world-class VFX experts, including –

  • Techvis & Virtual Production – Eric Carney
  • VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)  – Ben Grossmann
  • Future of Gaming – David Johnson
  • 2D/3D Compositing – Matt Leonard
  • Camera Tracking for Real-Time Visualization  – Joe Lewis

Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 Sessions

The Unreal Build: Virtual Production virtual event showcased incredible projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers. Enjoy these replay moments that showcase the latest features in the upcoming Unreal Engine 4.26 release as well as a special guest presentation from Weta Digital.  All videos courtesy of Epic Games.