After graduating from RIT’s Film School, Chris Edwards was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation as a 3D Layout Artist for the hybrid live-action / CGI film Dinosaur.  This was the first example of feature-length previsualization at Disney.  After the Layout for Dinosaur was complete, Chris became the Lead Assistant Animator for “Aladar”, the protagonist.  In 2000, Chris continued designing sequences for Treasure Planet as Disney’s Lead 3D Layout Artist.

In 2002, Chris joined a team of 10 artists at Lucasfilm, chosen to previsualize extensive changes to the director’s cut of George Lucas' first feature film, THX 1138.  Chris helped plan the filming of new elements and was the Animation Supervisor for the creature shots.  After THX, Chris helped previsualize sequences for Star Wars: Episode III, and then spearheaded the creation of THE THIRD FLOOR, an independent previsualization company in Los Angeles, in October 2004.

As CEO and Creative Director at THE THIRD FLOOR, Edwards has helped design many feature films, commercials, and video game cinematics.  Theatrical credits include The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Valkyrie, Eagle Eye, Beowulf, Cloverfield, Avatar, and Alice in Wonderland.  Cinematic credits include Resident Evil 5, Starcraft II, Diablo III, & Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

There are many examples of THE THIRD FLOOR’s work at: Chris Edwards is also one of the founders of The Previsualization Society, an international organization dedicated to furthering the artform of previs:

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