Andy Rosen has over 25 years experience in visual effects , Lighting and CG animation for film, games and television production.  Crafting visual effects and animation for 18 feature films including, Happy Feet 2,  Day After Tomorrow, Titanic, Face/Off, Strange Days, and others. He worked on the first Mortal Kombat film, as well as the game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.  Along the way, he worked on 6 television shows, commercials, helped Sony develop HD video production techniques, worked with the Mission Planning group at JPL to create animations for space missions, and built video synthesizers, video production studios and the first MIDI interface for neon art.  Andy has also taught various aspects of CGI and VFX at workshops and as faculty at colleges in California, Washington, Illinois and Boston.

VFX/Lighting TD, Supervisor, Educator, Render Manager
United States