Andrew Roberts is an award winning digital artist with over 2 decades experience in graphic design and computer graphics for games, television and feature film visual effects.

Andrew's early career started in mid 1980's London, as medical illustrator, draftsman and computer programmer. During an overseas writing assignment he met visionary software designer Gary Yost, who sparked his interest in 3D graphics.

Throughout the 90's Roberts worked at many levels in the games industry; as an Artist, Creative Producer and 3D Supervisor, later moving to commercials and TV shows.

In 1997 Roberts hopped the pond to Los Angeles and honed his 3D skills in game production, episodic animation and on an animated feature film. His knowledge of the business broadened during a visit to the Cannes Film Festival where he secured a distribution deal for the animated film "AeroTroopers: The Nemeclous Crusade".

In 2001 Andrew joined Digital Dimension, garnering two Sports Emmy awards. During his 7 years with the studio Andrew supervised visual effects on TV spots, commercials and numerous feature films. He received Primetime Emmy and VES nominations for visual effects work on HBO's 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee'. In 2008, concentrating on photorealistic shading and lighting he assisted Prime Focus' Los Angeles & Vancouver studios, delivering effects for pictures including "The Tree of Life", "Avatar" & "Suckerpunch". In 2010, Roberts CG supervised "Fast Five" for Pixomondo. He continued CG & DFX supervision duties on "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", "Snow White & the Huntsman" and "After Earth".

Throughout his career one of Andrew's interests has been to assist, train and mentor the artists he works with. In 2007 he delivered a series of training lectures on lighting, rendering and effects for a studio based in the Philippines. An accomplished public speaker, Andrew outlined efficient production techniques on recent projects at the Lafloret Museum in Tokyo, Japan. He was also a featured guest at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in 2008, discussing the importance of photorealistic motion, and VFX techniques used in "Get Smart". Andrew Roberts is a member of the Visual Effects Society, the Special Interest Group on Graphics (ACM Siggraph) and the Visual Effects branch of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

VFX Supervisor
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