• I have 20 years experience in the post production industry.
  • I am very client friendly.
  • Onset VFX supervision and Flame are my forte.
  • I have many years of experience in shoot supervision, and am adept at advising directors and directing crew on visual effects heavy shoots. Also gathering lighting and physical data information crucial for 3D and 2D post processes.
  • I travel regularly as a supervisor and have worked in quite a few interesting places including; China, Mexico, Slovenia, Thailand, New Zealand, India and Australia.
  • Capable of breaking down projects for accurate quoting and establishing workflow.
  • Have demoed software and workflow around the world for both Autodesk and Nucoda at various industry shows and Post companies.
  • I have won 2 Primetime Emmy awards and am a member of the VFX Society
  • I have most recently been working for Glassworks, Finish, Rushes, Prime Focus and Digital Pictures (Sydney) as VFX Supervisor and Flame Artist.
  • Directors I have recently worked with include, but certainly not limited to; Patrick Hughes (Finch), Gary Freedman (Glue Society), Paul Middleditch (Plaza Films), and Jeff Darling.
  • More details on my website 


VFX Supervisor & Flame Artist
United Kingdom