Roger Kupelian has been working in the indie film biz since 1992, and the Digital Effects industry since 1995.  He is well versed in many forms of visual media, having contributed everything from storyboards production illustrations, and concepts to final shots for major film projects.  He has also specialized in creating digital environments and structures too expensive or simply impossible shoot on location, everything from the surface of Mars to the mountains of Mordor, from the volcanic inferno of Mt. Doom to World War Two’s Iwo Jima.
He has also composed and delivered entire shots and supervised composites, and worked with art directors to design cinematic sequences.  His Lord of the Rings work resulted in  a recent nomination for ‘Best Matte Painter’ at the 2002 Visual Effects Society awards as well as a subsequent nomination (with the team at Zoic) for Best Created Environment for “FlashForward”.
His film credits include the Academy award winning The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Flags of Our Fathers,  Charlie Wilson’s War, Alice in Wonderland, Hop, Yogi Bear (3D) among many others.
Raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and a chronic world-traveler since,  Kupelian brings his unique cultural backgrounds and influences to his work.  After a stint as a High School Art instructor, Kupelian started as a storyboard artist and production illustrator/ designer for a Hollywood effects company. This eventually led to digital matte painting and compositing at various other visual effects houses and his subsequent sojourn to New Zealand for the three Rings Films.

Digital Matte Painter
United States