Sze is best known for creating iconic heroine characters for some of best-selling titles of the interactive industry. She is currently employed by Naughty Dog, subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment, creating cutting edge game characters. Previously, she was the character modeling supervisor and senior artist at Blur Studio. While at Blur, Sze has implemented and managed Blur studio’s character modeling pipeline for eight years. Some of her notable creations are: Marlowe for Uncharted 3, Lara Croft for Tomb Raider Underworld; Beatrice for Dante Inferno; Anders and Sebrina for Halo Wars; Twilek, Jedi Consular and Bounty Hunter for Star Wars: The Old Republic; Dark Elf Sorceress for Warhammer: The Age of Reckoning; Emmera, Lyra and Cabalist for Hellgate London ; Keira for The Age of Conan; Viral Carrie and Bowman for Empire Earth; Antonia for Everquest II; Aeon Flux; Female Pedestrian for Prototype; Past projects include: Fable 2, for Simpson Trailer, Niagara’s Fury; Blur’s Short Gentlemen’s Duel and Gopher Broke; SpongeBob SquarePants in 3D; Shania Twain Music Video; Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas and Coca Cola Commercial. Most of her work can be seen on her website at

Senior Character Artist
Crystal Dynamics
United States