SÉBASTIEN DOSTIE is a Visual Effects Supervisor with a 15-year history in the world of film and television. In 2003, he was nominated for Best Visual effects by the VES society, for Discovery Channel’s DINOSAUR PLANET, and has worked on several award-winning TV projects. Some of the feature films he's overseen include Warner Bros' CATWOMAN, EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, THE HORDE, THE FINAL DESTINATION and Robert Rodriguez's SHORTS.
Early in his career Dostie taught 3D animation in both Quebec city and Montreal, at the NAD Center. Being a pioneer in the industry, he went on to build some of the largest and most important CGI studios in Montreal – Meteor Studios, A2M, and Ubisoft Digital Arts – for which he designed the production pipeline and technical workflow. He also supervised digital effects on live action shows, and green-screen work on TV series like GRAND STAR - a Canadian/French coproduction produced by Carpediem Films for the Space Channel and France 2.

Creatively, Dostie has consulted as director on the initial design of visual effects for the Emmy Award-winning HOW WILLIAM SHATNER CHANGED THE WORLD, RACE TO MARS and PLANET OF THE ANTS, which he developed with British filmmaker Tony Mitchell (of SUPERVOLCANO fame.)

In 2007, he was recognized by several animation festivals for his debut short : NATURE MORTE, and later that year he joined the prestigious Ubisoft Digital Arts team, in their endeavour to make films based on successful video game franchises. After much collaboration with producers in both the film and game studios, ASSASSIN'S CREED LINEAGE was released in the fall of 2009, and to widespread claim.

Sébastien Dostie is a member of The Visual Effects Society, the Association for Computer Machinery and the International Game Developers Association. He has given talks at the Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebec, at various schools, and maintains a high visibility and commitment to the local and international CGI community. He is currently based in Montréal with his wife, son and daughter.

Visual Effects Supervisor