Pete began his career at the age of 19 working as an effects animator on the original "Star Wars" in 1977. After completing work as animation supervisor for Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) on George Lucas' The Empire Strikes Back, Peter Kuran created VCE (Visual Concept Entertainment), developing it as a leader of visual imaging in motion picture production, licensing, visual effects and image restoration.

Peter has worked on visual effects for over 300 theatrical motion pictures including both "Addams Family" films and all three original "Robocop" features. VCE Films work has been seen in "Men In Black," "The 6th Day," "Thirteen Days," "A Beautiful Mind," "X-Men 2" and "The Last Samurai." VCE Films most recent work includes “The Company Men,” and "August: Osage County.”

As a filmmaker, Peter has produced five documentaries on the subject of Atomic history, weapons and testing. Beginning in 1995, Peter produced and directed the award winning film "Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic Bomb Movie)" and has since produced "Atomic Filmmakers", "Atomic Journeys", "Nukes in Space" and "Nuclear 911."

In 2003, Kuran won an Academy Award® in the Scientific and Technical Achievement category for RCI®, a photochemical process he developed to restore color to original faded color negatives. This process was a direct result of the research done on restoring color for scenes in "Trinity and Beyond."

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