Paul Graff 
Co-Founder, VFX Supervisor and President of Crazy Horse Effects, Inc and Crazy Horse East, Inc.
Paul began his career as a VFX artist in Berlin, Germany. Since his arrival in Los Angeles, he has garnered many awards including three Emmys and four Visual Effects Society Awards. After several exciting years as the VFX Supervisor for Robert Stromberg's company Digital Backlot, Paul started his own company Crazy Horse Effects, Inc. CHE specializes in CG Environments, compositing, matte paintings, concept art and VFX Design. THERE WILL BE BLOOD, WALL STREET - MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, SAVAGES and others feature Paul as senior VFX Supervisor. Recently, Paul has opened his new company Crazy Horse East, Inc in upstate New York. 

VFX Supervisor / Crazy Horse Effects President & Owner
United States