O.D. Welch is President/CEO of the Entertainment Management Group at EVOLVE Consulting LA, heading financial and strategic advising of the company’s media and entertainment clientele.

Through EVOLVE, Welch was engaged as the COO for CAMERON PACE Group, and was responsible for leading CPG’s global expansion, focusing on strategic planning and execution, international business development, and worldwide group operations.

He was also engaged through EVOLVE as the North American COO for Prime Focus Group, and as Chief Operating & Financial Officer for the ComputerCafe Group. 

At Prime Focus Group Welch was responsible for their production, post, and VFX divisions in L.A., New York, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Working together with the Prime Focus international executive team, he introduced and established the new corporate brand, improved global efficiencies and communication, and realigned North American services to better serve the market.

As the COO/CFO for ComputerCafe Group, Welch was responsible for business affairs oversight and production agreement negotiation, in addition to all financial and operational group functions.

Before EVOLVE, Welch was President/CEO of 525 Studios. During his 14 year tenure, he leveraged technologies for new business opportunities, instituting digital intermediates, CGI, digital VFX, on-line collaboration, review & approval, and non-linear editing long before they were established standards.

Over the course of his career he has built deep industry relationships with ad agencies, TV networks, motion picture studios, manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors, as well as individual producers, directors, and DP's.

His Production Executive credits on nearly three-dozen feature films include Speed Racer, Iron Man, Spider-Man 3, Pan’s Labyrinth, and King Kong.

He is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society, the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society, and a charter member of the Hollywood Post Alliance.

United States