Imagi Animation Studios                                                                     Nov. 2008 – Present



·         Advised and consulted on strategy and recommendation for dual-site (Hong Kong to Los Angeles) production tracking and asset management solutions while also serving as back-end Production Manager on the animated feature Tusker.



Avatar, 20th Century Fox                                                                   Sept. 2006 – Oct. 2008

Visual Effects Producer



THE ORPHANAGE                                                                        Nov. 2003 – July 2006

Senior Visual Effects Producer


·         Senior Visual Effects Producer on Superman Returns.

·         Senior Visual Effects Producer on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

·         Senior Visual Effects Producer on The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D.


Visual Effects Producer


·         Visual Effects Producer on Sin City.

·         Visual Effects Producer on The Day After Tomorrow.

·         Visual Effects Producer on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.



SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS                                                                               

Visual Effects Digital and Technology Producer                      Sept. 2000 - July 2003


·         Motion Capture and Technology Producer on The Polar Express.

o   Responsible for helping to conceive, plan, hire key team members and implement the setup and shooting of novel motion-capture project featuring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis.


·         Visual EFX Digital Producer on Stuart Little 2.

o   Responsible for management on an over 180-member crew and delivery of over 600 digital character and/or environment shots.

o   Responsible for all aspects of project budgeting, planning, development and direction, including long-range planning, strategy, and status reporting to Sony Pictures. Personally supervised a staff of nine.

o   Project delivered on time and under budget.


Digital Production Manager                                                      Sept. 1998 - August. 2000


·         Digital Production Manager on The Hollow Man.

o   Personally supervised a staff of two and managed a staff in excess of 80.

o   Responsible for evaluating serious technological, budgetary and morale issues within department and creating deadline-driven goals, clear expectations and “roundtable” discussions to air grievances, strategize and boost team morale.

o   Able to successfully deliver project on-time for release of film - results of department’s work led to Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects for that year (2000).


·         Digital Production Manager on Stuart Little.

o   Personally supervised a staff of one and managed a staff of in excess of 70 and delivery of over 500 digital character shots.

o   Responsible for meeting weekly deliverable goals to ensure on-budget, timely fulfillment of project

o   Able to successfully deliver project on-time and significantly under budget - results of team’s work led to Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects for that year (1999)



METROLIGHT STUDIOS                                                       Sept. 1997 – August 1998

Line Producer


·         Line Producer on From Earth to the Moon.



BOSS FILM STUDIOS                                                              Sept. 1996 – August 1997

Visual Effects Coordinator


·         Visual EFX Coordinator on Air Force One.

·         Visual EFX Coordinator on Starship Troopers.



COSMO STREET                                                                      Sept. 1994 – August 1996

Assistant Producer / Assistant Editor


·         Assistant Producer - bidding, project management and tracking on multiple and simultaneous projects

·         Assistant Editor on multiple national and international commercials

·         Overall research and recommendation authority on all hardware and software purchases for company, totaling in excess of $500,000 per year.

·         Responsible for maintenance and technical integrity of all Avids, computer systems, software and network-related issues.

·         Researched and evaluated current trends, tools and techniques in use and advised company on project-by-project basis.



·         Alliant Univesity / California School of Professional Psychology

·         University of Los Angeles at California, Certification in Authoring Multimedia Applications

·         University of Los Angeles at California, Certification in SGI Intensive Workshop

·         University of Texas at Austin, B.S. with Honors   Radio-Television-Film

·         Cornell University





·         Invited to speak at Los Angeles Chapter of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGGRAPH with accompanying live webcast:


The Role of the Producer:

Making 3D Feature Animation in the Morning of the Golden Age (Los Angeles - November 2002)


·         Patents:


Gordon, D., Chen J., Hastings, A.R., Echegaray, J. “System and Method for Capturing Facial and Body Motion”, awarded May, 2007. U.S. Patent # 7218320.




·         Visual Effects Society: Active Member


·         Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Graphics Group (ACM SIGGRAPH): Member, Los Angeles Chapter


·         International Animated Film Association (ASIFA): Member, Hollywood Chapter

United States