VP of Product Development
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Vincent Brisebois

Spent 11 years at Autodesk Media & Entertainment as product specialist for 3dsmax and product designer on Toxik (now Composite). Worked with most studios (architecture, games and film) troubleshooting pipelines and optimizing workflows. Was a key member of the stereoscopic advisory board at Autodesk, helped put together innovative S3D conversion pipelines with major studio clients. Have done over 20 television and radio/podcast appearances including live comments for the Oscars (visual effect categories) on national TV. Designed  lounge/nightclubs and worked as VFX artist and supervisor with 4 time Academy Award nominee Director David Lynch. Spent 5 yeas at Fusion-io developing ultra high bandwidth production pipelines for 4K and 6K production. Currently VP of product development at Digital Art Zone 3D taking realistic pocedural characters to the masses.

Role with the VES
Member of the Technology Committee