Stephen Dunn

During High School I had a keen interest in all things technical/mechanical

as well as Photography. I shot my own material and also developed (colour and black and white) and printed all my own work.

I participated in the school stage productions working behind the scenes

with stage design and lighting.

I also worked part time at a Photographic shop over the next three years.

During the last couple of years of high school I also had my own business

supplying light shows for bands and nightclubs.


After I graduated from High School I just wanted to get out into the

workforce and after a short stint at a Theatrical stage lighting company I

lucked upon a job at a video Post-Production company.

The job wasn't very flash and was a casual position working the midnight to

dawn shift but when you are twenty sleeping wasn't a priority.

That start though, was the key to my life's career in Film and Television.

I changed jobs and progressed through the ranks and opportunities opened up

for me. Sometimes I was just in the right place at the right time and I

worked my way up to senior compositor.


After a handful of years I wanted more so I started freelance editing. This

was just at the time of offline editing. I wanted to cut and I wanted to


I knew the benefit of the offline cut and planning before you went into the

more complex and costly edit suites. Business went well.


I left my day job and started my own business with a colleague. We started

small with just a small camera studio and an offline suite.

Over the years we grew and added other capabilities around us. Initially

online compositing suites, then CGI, 3D, Colour Grading and Design. Today

we have thirty staff.

My company FSM (Frame Set and Match) was in business for thirty years

and owned by the same two people, myself and my business partner

Rick Schweikert.

That changed in 2016 when my business partner retired, I took over the full ownership and the company moved and evolved into Vandal.

We work on all forms of media, including Television Commercials,

Documentaries, Feature films and new technology like AR and VR.

We have collaborated on films like Catch a Fire and The Quiet American for Phillip Noyce, Bright Star for Jane Campion, Beautiful Kate for Rachel Ward, The Matrix films and the Sci-Fi series Farscape.

I personally supervise these feature film projects through Vandal.


I am now looking for new opportunities to expand my creative input. To get

back to a point where I can contribute creatively.

I am working with some close colleagues to bring some feature film projects

to fruition.

I have travelled extensively throughout the world and I am keen to work

anywhere in the world that holds a story that has to be told and look

forward to fostering new friendships through collaboration.