AR/VR/AI/Robotics / VFX Supervisor / DP / Virtual Humans
CEO of Pixelmonger Studios / CTO of Rival Theory

Scott Billups

Scott Billups has served as Director of Photography on six multi-million dollar features, and Visual effects Supervisor on dozens more, as well as eight award-winning television docudramas, three for Discovery Channel, three for the History Channel and two for National Geographic. He has also directed numerous shows for the History and Discovery channels and shot dozens of commercials and documentaries. Scott put himself through college shooting for documentary legends like MacGillivray/ Freeman, Wolper Productions and National Geographic Explorer. After college, he worked for Oscar-winning cinematographer, James Wong Howe. His most recent book, Digital Moviemaking, now in its third edition, is considered by many to be the definitive guidebook to Hollywood's digital age. Scott is a member of SMPTE, I.A.T.S.E. Local 600, the International 3D Society, The Previsualztion Society and is a founding member of the Digital Cinema Society and the Visual Effects Society.