Co-Founder | VFX Supervisor
Fusion CI Studios

Mark Stasiuk

Once a volcano scientist running research programs on active eruptions, my PhD in geophysical fluid dynamics revealed the nuances of fluids, fire & particles. That expertise has proven invaluable for me in the realm of visual effects - in motion pictures, in television and in immersive / experiential media installations.
My studio believes the combination of art & science creates magic. Integrating art, engineering, interactive media programming & advanced visual effects technologies, we create award-wining, mind-bending, immersive experiences with unforgettable impact. We are artists, scientists, storytellers and trailblazers. Our clients are creative innovators. They want to step onto the brink of technology and challenge its bounds. Together we collaborate to mesmerize and inspire.
With a stellar international reputation, our creations in LED screen art-installations, commercials, television, and motion pictures, reveal its unique blend of high-end physics, imagination, and art, where technology recedes and the human connection and experience is paramount.
With each unique project, we advance the integration of art and technology, overcoming new challenges - both imaginative & practical – revealing yet another miraculous performance.

VFX Supervisor / Co-Founder at Fusion CI Studios, dynamic fx specialists in L.A. & Vancouver.