Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert is CEO of VArtisans, a Virginia based VR and 360 video production company. Filming in 24 countries over the last four years, VArtisans' projects range from a series on endangered species to tourism to documentary and narrative pieces in this emerging media format. In the past, Mark was aVFX/DFX/CG Supervisor on multiple tentpole feature films as well as a director, editor and software developer. Mark contributed to over 14 feature films and headed up teams that created Harry Potter's first Quidditch field and the visual development of Polar Express at Sony Pictures.  Prior to his years in LA, he worked as a senior online editor (commercials/music video/documentary), created the industry’sfirst commercial Pixar RenderMan software interface that was then sold to Boss Films, Warner Digital,Sony Imageworks and others, founded one of the countries earliest animation and digital print companies (1988) , directed TV commercials (Chester Cheetos), did on set supervision for music videos (Van Halen) and commercials (Prell, Mercedes) and was even a creative director for print and early web projects. After leaving LA to return to his hometown (Richmond, Virginia), Mark continued to work on several TV series and in 2015 started VArtisans to pursue the new world of 360 filmmaking

Work Experience

CEO (2015 – Present) VArtisans (Richmond, VA) Founded this 360 video and VR production company Co-Founder (2019 – Present) Conscio VR (Richmond, VA) Co-founded this company working to bring VR experiences to healthcare VFX Supervisor/President (2013 – 2016) Digital Oven VFX (Richmond, VA) Various regional vfx and animation projects VFX Supervisor (03/16 – 08/16) PBS (Richmond, VA) Mercy Street TV series – Providing VFX supervision for the Season 2 of Mercy Street civil war drama. Spotting scripts, developing VFX shot designs and lists, working with VFX vendors during bidding process. Creating animatics/previs for several of the largest shots. On-set supervision for numerous set extensions and greenscreen work. On Set VFX Supervisor (01/16 – 02/16) AMC (Richmond, VA) TURN TV series – supervision of onset vfx work VFX Supervisor (09/15 – 12/15) Turner Entertainment (Richmond, VA) Good Behavior TV series – Providing on-set and post VFX supervision for the TNT show Good Behavior. Supporting bidding, on-set work, shot design and supervising post vfx work for this TNT pilot, a drama from “Wayward Pines” creator Chad Hodge starring Michelle Dockery. The project is based on the Letty Dobesh novels by author Blake Crouch VFX Supervisor (04/15 – 07/15) PBS (Richmond, VA) Mercy Street TV series – Providing VFX supervision for the new Mercy Street civil war drama coming out in 2016. Spotted scripts, developed VFX shot designs and lists, worked with VFX vendors during bidding process. Created animatics/previs for several of the largest shots. Providing on-set supervision for numerous set extensions and greenscreen work. Creative Director/VFX Supervisor/Vice President (12/08 – 04/13) Park Group (Richmond, VA) Provided overall leadership and vision for Park’s creative teams and manage the development and implementation of creative strategies across multi-disciplined departments. VFX Supervisor (06/06 – 04/07) Starz Animation (Toronto, Canada) VFX supervised all aspects of the computer animated feature Sheepish including initial technical and budget assessment, creation of a completely new feature pipeline and oversight of asset creation with modeling and surfacing, I also helped define workflows, technology and creative approaches for all departments from layout to animation to lighting. DFX/CG Supervisor (1998 – 2005) Sony Pictures Imageworks (Culver City, CA) Led visual development efforts on multiple feature films including budget/planning, technical/software development, creative oversight, artis management on teams up to 80 people and directly oversaw budgets within this department of up to $18 million per show. Projects: Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Polar Express, Men in Black 2, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Castaway, Hollowman, Stuart Little CG Supervisor (05/98 – 09/98) Digital Anvil (Austin, TX) Project: Wing Commander Movie: Working with a beta version of the first release of Maya, I was brought in to improve productivity of this brand-new software (and supervise shots). After profiling the software, we were able to increase rendering speeds from 4 to 10 times faster. Working with a small 16-man team, we were then able to final over 400 shots in less than 4 months with this beta (i.e. still buggy) package. VFX Supervisor (01/98 – 05/98) Hollywood Digital (Los Angeles, CA) Project: "From the Earth to the Moon" mini-series for HBO - 4 shows Project: The X-Files Movie CG Artist (10/97 – 01/98) Square USA (Los Angeles, CA) Project: Parasite Eve video game. Brought in to finish two sequences that were facing challenges. Rendering Consultant (04/97 – 09/98) Square USA (Los Angeles, CA) Project: Air Force One. Advised technical and visual development of CG planes and other VFX elements

Film Credits

FILM AND TV CREDITS 2016-2017 Mercy Street (TV Series) (on-set visual effects supervisor - 12 episodes) - House of Bondage (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - Unknown Soldier (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - Southern Mercy (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - One Equal Temper (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The House Guest (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - Balm in Gilead (2017) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Diabolical Plot (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Dead Room (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Belle Alliance (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Uniform (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Haversack (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The New Nurse (2016) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) 2016 Good Behavior (TV Series) (visual effects supervisor - 1 episode) - So You're Not an English Teacher (2016) ... (visual effects supervisor) 2015 TURN: Washington's Spies (TV Series) (on-set visual effects supervisor - 3 episodes) - Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (2015) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor) - The Prodigal (2015) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor - uncredited) - Providence (2015) ... (on-set visual effects supervisor - uncredited) 2015 Arthur & Merlin (visual effects artist) 2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (computer graphics supervisor: SPI) 2004 The Polar Express (digital effects supervisor) 2002 Men in Black II (cgi supervisor: SPI) 2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (cg supervisor: SPI) 2001 Evolution (look development: SPI) 2000 Hollow Man (additional sequence supervisor) 1999 Stuart Little (digital effects artist) 1999 Wing Commander (cg supervisor) 1998 The X Files (digital artist: Todd-AO/Hollywood Digital Effects) 1998 From the Earth to the Moon (TV Mini-Series) (cg supervisor - 4 episodes) - Galileo Was Right (1998) ... (cg supervisor: Hollywood Digital) - For Miles and Miles (1998) ... (cg supervisor: Hollywood Digital) - Spider (1998) ... (cg supervisor: Hollywood Digital) - Mare Tranquilitatis (1998) ... (cg supervisor: Hollywood Digital) 1998 Parasite Eve (Video Game) (CGI movie and map 3D animator: Square USA) 1997 Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills (geometry meister) 1997 Air Force One (computer animator: Boss Film Studios) 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (visual effects) Director (1 credit) 2016A Letter Home: Mercy Street 360 (Short) Writer (1 credit) 2016A Letter Home: Mercy Street 360 (Short)

Skills & Titles

VFX Supervisor, DFX Supervisor, Director, Producer, VR