Creative Director, Writer, Director, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Artist


Kody Sabourin

Goldtooth's Chief Creative Officer Kody Sabourin is a multi-award winning Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, and Artist, with an extensive skill set combined with years of experience in the Feature Film and Video Game world.  Founder and owner of Goldtooth Creative Agency (2008), B09 Film Group (2013), and Pied Piper Productions (2005).
From Moose Jaw, SK, Sabourin has lived in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now resides in Vancouver Canada, where he primarily spends his time as a Writer, Director, Producer.  His career began in Visual Effects back in 1996, where he's worked over the years as a VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor,  Art Director, Technical Director, Animator, Artist, and mocap Actor.  Through his eclectic experience Kody has developed a unique understanding of the creative process behind story and visionary filmaking.
Some career highlights include user voted #1 Trailer of All Time, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) Directors Cut, where Sabourin was credited as director, producer, co-writer and mocap actor;  also recieving multiple "Trailer of the Year" awards on this ground-breaking campaign.  The live-action Purity First (2011) short winning Gold for Best Copywriting, and Silver for Outstanding Promotional Trailer, while his Sarif Ind. (2011) commercial is awarded Best Online Video; credited as Director, Exec Producer, co-Writer, and Actor.  Trailer for Sleeping Dogs (2012) is voted #2  Best Video Game Live-Action Trailer; credited as Exec Producer, Co-Director, and Co-Writer.  Best Cinematics for Ghostbusters (2009), as Director.  Mortal Kombat Legacy (2011) Goldtooth Exec Producer, and Animation Director.  Lead Artist on the Best Single Visual Effect of the Year (2004) for The Matrix Reloaded "Truck Crash".  Known for the formidable jaw crushing Superpunch in Matrix Revolutions (2003) and Fight Night Round 3 (2006).  Including one of the worlds first realistic digital humans on screen with Mystique in X-Men (2000).  Working as an artist on the worlds first motion based stereoscopic thrill ride The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (1999).  
Other highlights include working with some of the most talented people in the industry!  At studios like ESC Entertainment, Manex, Kleiser-Walczak/Synthespian Studios, Rainmaker, Cinesite, and working with the uber vfx team that would become The Embassy in both 1997, and at their impressive studio in 2005.  
Sabourin has directed, produced or been involved with projects on an executive level for clients that include Activision, Capcom, Crytek, Disney, Digital Domain, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Image Engine, Lionsgate, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Microsoft, Square-Enix, Tri-Star, Ubisoft, Vivendi and Warner Bros.
VES recognition:
Outstanding Visual Effects in a Video Game Trailer - VES 2009 - Nominee
Deus Ex:  Human Revolution, E3 Trailer of the Year - Director, Producer, Co-Writer
Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture - VES 2008 - Nominee
Blades of Glory - CG Supervisor
Best Single Visual Effect of the Year - VES 2004
The Matrix Reloaded "Trailer Truck Crash" - Lead Artist