VFX Supervisor for Feature film and TV commercials


Joao Sita

 I've been working on the visual effects industry for the past 18 years mainly as a compositing supervisor/compositor for feature film and TV commercials. I am also interested in projects that involves motion design and a creative and collaborative approach to get solutions for the show.

Since 2006 I am located in  Canada and I worked for companies such as: ImageEngine,Rodeofx, Hybride Tecnhologies and Modusfx, contributing for the success of many major feature films . Prior to my arrival in Canada, I worked for the biggest vfx studios in Brazil like: Casablanca, Conspiracao Filmes, Mixer and Digital21.

In many projects I played the role of a supervisor/lead learning throughout all those experiences the different steps in the process, from pre-prod to shooting and a different range of techniques to achieve the artistic/technical level required by the productions.